Regardless of your level of involvement in athletics or other extracurricular activities, having your own school spirit wear is a great way to increase brand recognition and school spirit. Potential buyers include your players, parents, staff, and community. Your spirit wear should promote your school’s brand or the overall brand. It should also reflect your inclusiveness, making the collegiate collection everyone’s favorite spirit wear.


A great way to show school pride is to personalize spirit wear for the team. While pro and college games often feature merchandise for sale, most high school games don’t. However, you should encourage your team to consider selling their own spirit wear at the concession stand. Also, you may consider setting up a heat press to personalize team gear and keep fans warm at games. Regardless of whether your school is on the west coast or in Sandy, Utah, for example, a heat press is an excellent way to get your school’s spirit wear custom-printed.


If you’re an active member of a school or community group, you may have considered creating your own spirit wear. Spirit wear can be a great way to show your support while connecting with other like-minded people. Whether it’s a hat or a blanket, there’s a style that will fit your needs. You can use the shareability of your school or community to generate funds for your cause.

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If you’re a sports team, you can sell your spirit wear at sporting events or community events. Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) events, craft fairs, or sports tournaments can be great venues to sell shirts.


You may be wondering how much it costs to create your own spirit wear. There are many benefits to having your own spirit wear. One of them is the ease of customizing and ordering. You can make a team store online, which allows you to have a one-stop shop for all of your team apparel needs. Unlike traditional stores, online stores also have built-in fundraising and offer quality clothing. Additionally, online stores offer lightning-fast shipping and hassle-free returns.

The process of creating your own spirit wear may be time-consuming. To get the best results, start planning several months before the event to ensure the success of the fundraiser. This way, you can create a timeline for the fundraiser and establish deadlines for volunteers. Next, finalize your design with your vendor and print it. Once you’ve printed it, you can use the image for social media accounts and promotional materials. You can also create a custom website that allows your supporters to share pictures of themselves wearing your apparel.

Setting up an online store for school spirit wear

There are many benefits to setting up an online store for school spirit wear. Setting up your own store is both fun and profitable, and it will promote unity and pride in your school community. Not only will the e-commerce platform be an excellent way to generate funds for school supplies and other important causes, but it will also help you avoid the logistical issues associated with traditional fundraising methods.

First, your store must be able to turn around orders quickly. A fast turnaround time will help you keep less inventory and make more profit. Another benefit is that you can choose to dropship the products. This means that you don’t have to stock the goods and place an order with a vendor who will then ship them directly to the customer instead. However, you should consider the fact that the pricing of dropshipped items will likely be higher than standard items.