Christmas truly can feel like the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you love home decor and decorating your house with all things Christmas. The best part is deciding how to decorate your Christmas tree each year. There are so many different themes and trends you could choose; each is so different. The good news is that if you don’t have the right decorations or you need to buy a few things to add to your tree, you will definitely be able to find what you need from an online shop, or you can even try thrifting some things!

1.  Wooden Wonders

One of the biggest Christmas decorating trends at the moment is sustainability and making sure your decorations are not adding to the issues the earth is currently facing. Sustainable decorations tend to be classic wooden decorations, which are a trend in themselves; it just so happens that they are also sustainable. Wooden decorations are trending as ornaments for you to put on your tree and as decor for you to put around your house, on the mantlepiece, tables, and shelves. Wooden Christmas trees are also trending as an alternative to a traditional tree, but a wooden tree and decorations may be slightly overkill.

2. Classic Colours

The next Christmas tree decoration trend is the classic colors of red and gold. There has been some competition with other trends of pink decorations or the combination of blue and white, but red and gold always come out on top. The red and gold combination creates a timeless Christmas look that will never get old, as these colors perfectly complement the green of the Christmas tree.

3. Maybe Minimalism 

If you love keeping things simple and understated, the minimalist decoration trend is for you. This usually involves a neutral color scheme of white, brown, beige, and grey. You may even opt to have a small wooden tree or a white tree that you can fill with your minimalist ornaments to complement the color scheme. You can choose small and simple decorations that capture the spirit of Christmas in an understated way.

4. Nice And Nostalgic 

A Christmas tree filled with nostalgic decorations just has something special about it. For this decoration trend, all you need to do is think about Christmas as a child and channel this into the decorations. You may even use some of the decorations you had as a child if you still have them. Or, if you have kids, you can use some of the decorations they have made over the years.

5. Very Vintage 

If you want a timeless Christmas tree but don’t feel like the nostalgic trend is for you, you could always choose to go for the vintage trend instead. This trend focuses on decorations with soft colors, finer details, and textures. You will find plenty of vintage ornaments in your garage at home or your parent’s house, or you will be able to find them at a thrift store.